zondag 8 mei 2011

Restaurants in Hasselt

Dear readers,

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have the final deadline for my thesis next week so I have to work very hard right now. Plus I have exams right after the deadline.

I leave you with 2 pictures made in one of my favorite restaurants in Hasselt: Café Latino
I really advise you the strawberry daiquiri. I also love the nacho's latino as a starter (first picture). We only take this when we're with a lot of people :). As you can see you get quite much. It's quite spicy so if you don't like that, don't order it ;).

This is the Latino mix, one of my favorite dishes on the menu. It's a combination of spicy chicken, a spicy taco and sweet ribs.

Enjoy this sunny day!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. looks delicious. but oh so tricky for your heart. ::::)))))))

  2. I know but I don't there every week :)...
    Once in a while I permit myself to go eat there ;)!
    I may not look like this, showing you these pictures but I try to eat healty when I'm at home. I never eat french fries accept when I go out for dinner and I eat a lot of vegetables.

  3. Ziet er keilekker uit! mjam mjam :)

  4. Ziet er goed uit! Ik kom zelden in Hasselt om uit te gaan (hoewel ik vlakbij woon), maar deze zaterdag zijn we toch iets gaan drinken. We wouden op het terras van café latino gaan zitten, maar dat was helaas volzet! Volgende keer nog eens proberen ;)

  5. Als je hier wilt gaan eten raad ik je zeker aan van op voorhand te reserveren! Zeker in het weekend!

  6. Hmm, ziet er goed uit!
    Ik was vandaag in Hasselt!

    x Krizia


  7. Ziet er lekker uit! Ik heb daar al eens de ribbetjes gegeten, maar het is al lang geleden!