woensdag 1 juni 2011


Hi everyone,

Last Friday I started to study for my final exams. I already had one exam on Monday. I will be very busy in the next few weeks so I will not have time to post on my blog. If I pass these exams I will be finally graduated. So I really want to study hard. I also have my thesis which I have to defend next week. I'm a bit nervous about that.
I do have plans for after the exams. I will start posting on a more regular basis then. I think I will also do outfit posts.

Last week I bougt two pieces of jewellery. A ring and a pair of earrings. A friend of mine makes these jewels. I wanted to wear them with my blue dress. I already tried it on and it's very beautiful. I understand this is not everyone's style but I really like them.

This is a picture of how the earrings look while wearing them :):

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To everyone else with exams: good luck!
I will soon be writing again :)