woensdag 1 juni 2011


Hi everyone,

Last Friday I started to study for my final exams. I already had one exam on Monday. I will be very busy in the next few weeks so I will not have time to post on my blog. If I pass these exams I will be finally graduated. So I really want to study hard. I also have my thesis which I have to defend next week. I'm a bit nervous about that.
I do have plans for after the exams. I will start posting on a more regular basis then. I think I will also do outfit posts.

Last week I bougt two pieces of jewellery. A ring and a pair of earrings. A friend of mine makes these jewels. I wanted to wear them with my blue dress. I already tried it on and it's very beautiful. I understand this is not everyone's style but I really like them.

This is a picture of how the earrings look while wearing them :):

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To everyone else with exams: good luck!
I will soon be writing again :)


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi oorbellen!
    Veel succes met je examens ook :)

  2. Eerst had ik enkel de oorbellen gekocht omdat ik wat twijfelde over de ring. Maar toen ik de ring in real life zag vond ik hem toch wel mooi en ik dacht: een setje is altijd leuker. :)

  3. Inderdaad, setjes zijn altijd leuk :D
    En ik ben nog niet begonnen met de examens, volgende week begin ik!

  4. die zien er super mooi uit! Veel geluk met je examens ! x

  5. Veel succes met je examens!
    I know how yu feel. :(
    En die ring is heel mooi!

    x Krizia


  6. Bedankt allemaal voor de leuke commentaar en bedankt voor jullie bezoekje aan mijn blog! Dat doet me heel veel plezier!

  7. oh wow, love the combination of the gold and the blue. they look so delicate and oh so stylish. love it.

    good luck girl with your finals

  8. Veel succes!!!
    Oh wat een mooie juweeltjes, zo'n ringen zijn echt mijn favoriet!!

  9. i also have a lots of exams now, but im gonna make it and have summer holidays:)
    good luck!

    beautiful ring:)

  10. so pretty!and the color looks perfect on your skin!kisses