vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Shoplog 03082011

I'v been away for a while now, mostly because of my exams and my holliday. But I also had to figure some things out.

The day before yesterday morning I rushed myself to Tongeren because I spotted an amazing pair of Tory Burch ballerina's there. It was hard to decide about what pair to take but I went for a classic pair. You can see them below in this post.

Yesterday afternoon me and my sister went shopping with my sister-in-law in Hasselt. As you can see in the photos I bought some hair accessoires and a sleeping accessoire :). I sleep ten times better when I use one of these masks :). I bought everything at six. Apart from the two little bows which I got at H&M. I also bought a lipbutter at the bodyshop that was on sale.

Now my shoes. I saw these on a saturday evening when I was walking around in Tongeren watching windows and I said to my boyfriend that I had to come back to fit them. So I did and I loved them. They feel very comfortable to wear.

What do you think about the stuff I bought?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ha! ik ben zelf vorig jaar ook speciaal naar tongeren gegaan voor de Tory burchs! :d