vrijdag 22 april 2011

Hasselt - Part I - Shoes

Hi everyone!

In this post I will post about some of my favorite places in my hometown Hasselt.
Today I'll start with mentioning the places where you can shop for shoes. In the future I will also do a post on my favorite boutiques and restaurants.

My alltime favorite shoe-shop in Hasselt is La Bottega. They are situated in the Paardsdemerstraat 7 - 11 and the Raamstraat 23.
I always find something there. Actually I buy most of my shoes there. They have lots of brands and good quality shoes.
Brands they sell are: A.F. Vandevorst, River Woods, Marc Jacobs, Birkenstock, Miss Sixty, Scapa, Frida, Camper,… and lots more. Online you can find a list of all the brands they have and pictures of almost every shoe they sell. You can also make online reservations if you want to be certain of getting the pair of shoes you like.
The staff is really friendly and they always help very well. I love the fact that you can just walk around in this shoe-paradise without anyone asking you “can I help you?” too soon.
When you see a pair of shoes you’re interested in you can call a saleslady and she will help you with your size.
It might be nice to know that they also have a section of shoes for ladies with bigger feet, like size 42. They also sell handbags, accessories and clothes so it’s hard to go there without buying anything.

Another nice shop is Bethsabee in the Kapelstraat 36. The sell more expensive shoes and handbags like for example Dior, Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada,…
I never bought any shoes there but I love to look at the shop display and see what they’re offering. My boyfriend once bought me a nice little Gucci bag over there.
They also have a Bethsabee Outlet at the Havermarkt 34. I’ve been here a few times and the prices are good. You have to be lucky enough to find a pair in your size, but actually there is a lot of choice.
Opening hours of the outlet are:
- monday 14-18h
- thursday 11-18h
- friday 11-18h
- saturday 11-18h

Hope you liked this post!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Eind mei moet ik een weekendje naar de streek van Hasselt, ik hoop dat ik even de winkels kan doen die je vermeldt , ziet er interessant uit.
    Prettig paasweekend! xxx

  2. Bethsabee is echt super! Ik loop er ook altijd voorbij als ik in Hasselt ben!

    x Krizia