vrijdag 15 april 2011

Yellow & Pink

Last year in February I went to Paris with my boyfriend and I ended up buying a black pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs flats and two beautiful beach bags in the Marc by Marc Jacobs store.

At first I only bought the pair of flats for myself and the pink bag as a present to my sister. I thougt about buying a second bag for myself, but I decided not to and I went to pay for my flats and the pink bag.
But as soon as we got on the subway to visit the rest of Paris, I started telling my boyfriend that I should have bought a second bag for myself. So the next day we took the subway again and I went to buy the second bag. When I got to the store lots of these bags were already sold out and I was only able to choose between the yellow, the green and the blue bag. So I took the yellow one.

I didn’t use them a lot last summer because they were kind of flashy and hard to combine. Luckily this summer is all about flashy colors so I guess I’m gonna use them a lot this year. I must admit that these bags aren’t appropriate for every occasion but I still love them.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand. And I’ve been able to collect four different pieces of this brand over the last year. I hope I can expand my collection in de next years but I think this can’t be a problem with the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store coming to Brussels.

I'm often the person that needs to think twice before buying something. Just like I did with this yellow bag. I often fit clothes a couple of times before buying them. It's just a habit of me and it keeps me from wasting my money. Are you an impulsive shopper or do you also think twice?

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures but I don't have a decent camera yet.
Thank you for checking my blog.


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  1. leuke tassen! zo'n kleur zonder print is best leuk te combineren hoor, ook bij een simpele outfit! :)

  2. ik vind ze er prachtig uitzien! vooral de fushia , ik zou deze ook dragen xxx

  3. A few years ago I bought a couple of them myself. They have new stock every week in Paris so if you're still considering an other colour than treat yourself with a trip to Paris ;-) Or you just wait a few months untill the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Brussel opens. I think they cost only 10 euros, right? I remember it was a bargain.

  4. Dank je Eveline voor je lieve commentaar op mijn blog sweet grandma.
    grtjs xxx

  5. @Mirror of Fashion. They were quit cheap indeed. I paid 25 euros per piece. But since I already bought myself some flats my shopping budget was limited for the rest of the trip ;)

    Thanks everyone for the great comments!

  6. Supermooie tassen! Meen je echt dat je maar 25euro per tas betaald hebt?

  7. I'm doubting now if they were 50 or 25euros :).
    I don't remember the actual price. You can look them up on the Marc by Marc Jacobs website, don't know if the price is available there.

  8. oh the worlds most fabulous fashion designer!!!! love the bags, and the colors are so perfect for spring, they really pimp up your look. cannot decide between the yellow or the pink...

  9. Die gele is heel erg mooi! Heb 'm zelf in het grijs, maar zo'n flashy kleurtje zou deze zomer inderdaad goed van pas komen :)