donderdag 14 april 2011

Lush Little Green Bag

Hey Everyone,
This will be my first post on this blog.
Thanks to a contest on lushious beauty I was able to win a little green bag by Lush! There were five products inside of the bag and it was wrapped in a Furoshiki scarve. I can't wait to test the products because they smell delicious. It will be the first time I use Lush products.

The bag contains the following products:
- The Jungle Solid Conditioner (55g)
- The Squeaky Green Shampoo bar (55g)
- The Mini Sugar Scrub (50g)
- The Sea Vegetable Soap (100g)
- The Each Peach and Two's a Pair Massage Bar (20g) (I also got a little tin for the massage bar)

I already used the massagebar once and I'm sure that next time when I enter a Lush shop I will buy a new one. I love the fact that you can use it whenever you want without getting greasy hands.

I came across this funny video about this bag.

I will put photos of the products in my reviews.
I hope you all liked my first post and I also wanted to ask you which are your favorite lush products?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dag Eveline, leuk postje!
    Ik heb je link ook toegevoegd op mijn blogje.
    Doe zo voort, ik kijk al uit naar het vervolg.
    groetjes xxx

  2. Wat leuk dat je mijn link op je blog hebt toegevoegd.
    Zoals je kan zien volg ik jouw blog al een tijdje en staat die ook bij mijn links :)