maandag 18 april 2011

To color or not to color?

Hi Everyone!

I’m thinking about letting my hair grow out. I’m so tired of going to a hair salon, and sitting there for hours, every few months. Plus it’s quite expensive to color my hair, since I don’t color it entirely but I take highlights in different colors. Next year I’ll start to work and I won’t be getting the student discount anymore. I started thinking about all the great clothes I could buy with this money :). I do like getting my hair cut every two months but the coloring takes such a long time.

Besides that I’ve noticed that the blonde really damages my hair. I’m so jealous at people who have nice and shiny hair. Six years ago I decided not to color my hair anymore, so I had my natural colour back. But after a few months I was tempted to color it again, which I really regret now because my hair has never looked more shiny than during that period.

This is my haircolor at the moment

The thing I don’t like about growing my hair out is that my my roots will be darker than the ends. So I’m still doubting about growing my hair out. What do you think? Has any of you ever done this before?
My natural colour is dark blonde but it gets lighter in summer. Do you think it would suit me?
By the way don't mind the picture. It's one of the few pictures I have showing my haircolor.

Tell me your opinion!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind highlights wel mooi, en het past bij jou toch ook wel duidelijk.
    Maar als het niet meer blinkt dan zou ik er toch ook iets proberen aan te doen.
    Je ziet er alleszins super uit op de foto! xxx

  2. i can understand, natural hair can look a little bit dull. I had white white hair once, but i can only keep this for like 2 months, because the damage is too big. you can let your hair grow. if you are blond, you can no longer color your hair because of the different shades!!

  3. I think I'm gonna give it a try. In summer most people don't even notice when I don't put highlights in my hair because my roots aren't as dark as in winter.
    I don't want my hair to look all dry at the ends! I already had to cut a few inches off (this picture above shows my hairlength at the moment). I had long hair before and I really loved it but I had too many split ends.

    Thanks for your wonderful comments ladies!

  4. nee, ik heb m'n haar niet laten uitgroeien, ik heb expres een ombre effect genomen! ik ben dus een fan van de uitgroei look, haha :D heel hip op het moment, dus NU is the time om je haar uit te laten groeien! :D